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A good treatment for human hair wig

A note from Lucy Bee: this testimonial was in response to a query about using our coconut oil on a wig made from human hair. We were unsure and advised Jackie to contact the wig maker but she had no response from them so tried anyway.

Jackie, kindly got back in touch with us to share her daughter's experience:

We applied the oil as per Lucy's video. We decided to keep the oil away from the cap. Once applied, we wrapped the wig in cling film and left overnight. After washing and styling, my  daughter was pleased with the result . Human hair wigs  will never respond as well as naturally growing hair , obviously, but it was a good treatment.

Jackie Blount

I don't think I'll be falling for any of the Christmas coffee shop drinks this season

So I managed to find the Lucy Bee organic drinking chocolate in Morrisons today!

It is 100% organic,  Fair Trade cacao and that's it!

To be honest, wasn't sure if I'd like it as a drink but oh how wrong was I! I've made mine up with roasted unsweetened almond milk in a pan and then added a tablespoon of the cacao with a tsp. of honey and whisked it up with a normal old style hand whisker thingy.

Admittedly a different taste to the usual overly sweet drinking chocolates we are used to but really satisfying... I don't think I'll be falling for any of the Christmas coffee shop drinks this season filled with all sorts of nasties... will be making my own at home!

Thanks again @lucybeecoconut for your awesome suggestions, recipes and products a big winner yet again!

Lots of love

Umber xxx

Umber Alam

It's really impressed me and cleared up baby's eczema

I just wanted to thank you for your wonderful coconut oil that I have been using for a few years now.

 I love it in cooking and even use it on some of my clients (I am a reflexologist). However, it's recently really impressed me when it cleared up my baby's eczema.

 Like so many of your other Lucy Bee fans I had tried everything but nothing seemed to work so I started using the coconut oil and within a few weeks it had totally cleared. She was really suffering and it was horrible to watch her scratch all the time and it sometimes even woke her up.

 I am pleased to say now, I rarely see her scratch and the rash and redness has totally subsided. I can only put it down to your oil so thank you!! 

Sophie Spoors

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